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mitoNET - Network for Mitochondrial Diseases

The principal goal of mitoNET is to establish a network of clinical centres in order to improve health care for patients with mitochondrial diseases. Steps to achieve this are:

• Buildup of a nationwide network of neurological and paediatric departments for recruitment and phenotyping of patients, setup a of a web-based register, and conduction of longitudinal studies.
• Comprehensive collection and storage of biological materials including DNA, RNA and myoblasts, providing aliquots to researchers within and outside of the net.
• Enhancing the range of diagnostic tools, including new assays to quantify mitochondrial proteins and dynamics, high-throughput genotyping, a systems approach and advanced brain imaging.
• in vitro investigations of novel treatments, including an approach to improve OXPHOS deficiency by fibrate-induction of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor pathways and an approach to identify mechanisms behind and strategies against propagation of mtDNA mutations.
• Increased collaboration of basic researchers to boost synergy effects, interdisciplinary cooperation and training initiatives.
• Increased public and professional awareness.

Sprecher des mitoNET
Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Klopstock
University of Munich Department of Neurology,
Ziemssenstr. 1a
80336 München
Tel: 089-4400 57400

Dr. Boriana Büchner
Tel: 089-4400 57421