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TranSaRNet - Translational Sarcoma Research Network

Malignant sarcoma are rare and primarily occur in children, adolescents and young adults. Multimodal therapeutic approaches have significantly raised survival in patients with localized disease up to 60-70%. Following relapse and in patients with primary disseminated disease the prognosis is still unfavorable. Current state of the art therapy often fails to cure the disease in this group of patients. The Translational Sarcoma Research Network (TranSaRNet) aims to improve cure rates in these highrisk sarcoma.

To achieve this goal, novel non-cross-resistant therapies are needed that efficiently target dormant and chemo-resistant residual tumor cells and overcome tumor cell resistance. In addition, the identification of biomedical prognostic factors at the time of diagnosis is a strong focus in the consortium. TranSaRNet is a collaborative network of the German pediatric, adolescent and adult sarcoma research groups with access to over 90% of all pediatric and adolescent sarcoma patients and a large number of adult sarcoma patients.

In the first funding period TranSaRNet facilitated the discovery of putative diagnostic and prognostic markers and new therapeutic targets. Consequently, a number of projects developed in the basic research line are now further developed in the translational research line. The clinical registry complements basic research and data from the registry will further help to identify patients at risk suitable to be included into experimental clinical trials. The virtual biobank will continue to complement basic and translational research. With the chance to use Next Generation Sequencing, small molecule and RNA screening methods, all available through BMBF funding within the first funding period, translational cancer research will be facilitated by providing specimens with linked molecular and clinical data.

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