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CONNECT-GENERATE - German Network for Research on Autoimmune Encephalitis

The research network CONNECT-GENERATE aims at improving the diagnosis and treatment of people with autoimmune encephalitis, a rare but treatable form of brain inflammation. This is to be achieved by integrating research projects on genetic causes, imaging characteristics, immunological basics and molecular network effects as well as research on the efficacy of plasma cell-targeted therapeutics (clinical trial GENERATE-BOOST).

Knowledge gained in the diagnosis and therapy of antibody-associated autoimmune encephalitis may also be transferred to other common and rarer neuroimmunological diseases such as subgroups of multiple sclerosis or neuromyelitis optica spectrum diseases. The professionalisation of the national patient register and the structured networking of national and international biomaterial banks are also an important tasks of the network.

As part of the German Network for Research into Autoimmune Encephalitis, the network scientists have already made an important contribution to the national networking of practitioners and researchers as well as practitioners and patients. The network already offers regular information letters, server-based registries, pseudonymized clinical data and biomaterials for research projects and their coordination. There are already years of preparatory work and extensive pre-publications in international journals.


PD Dr. med. Frank Leypoldt
University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein, Campus Kiel
Institut für Klinische Chemie und Klinik für Neurologie
Arnold-Heller-Str. 3
24105 Kiel

Tel. +49 431 50016209



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